How to build the university of the future? Browse our new CHARM-EU Toolkit

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How are we creating the future CHARM European University? Learn from our experience by using the CHARM-EU toolkit.

The CHARM-EU toolkit is an online repository to learn, research, and reflect on all aspects of creating a new European University. Resources from different areas of higher education practice that we have developed in CHARM-EU are shared for anyone interested in our work and the European Universities initiative. Watch our short video to find out more.

Browse and search our toolkit to find documents, infographics, presentations, templates, deliverables, and videos. Our resources have been categorized by themes and roles to make it easy to search and find resources.

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A glimpse of what you can find in the CHARM-EU toolkit

Our toolkit will be updated throughout the CHARM-EU project, but take a moment to explore some of our current resources:

Access our toolkit and check back regularly for updates and new resources. For more information contact Silvia Gallagher (