Call for posters

The poster sessions will be a space where members of European University Alliances and external stakeholders can exchange ideas and discuss about practical cases.  

Posters should reflect case studies and best practices that have been developed by European University Alliances and have a positive societal impact. The main goal is to show how these practical cases have been implemented and the positive results they had on society.  

We invite members from European University Alliance to participate in our Annual Conference and be part of the poster session.  

Send us your proposal and join us at the "Alliances for Society" conference!

Open Call for posters

The call is open to educational and research case studies and is also open to all the members of a European University Alliance.  

If you are interested in presenting a poster at the CHARM-EU Annual Conference 2023 “Alliances for Society”, please send us an abstract reflecting the case study. The abstract should be from 300 to 500 words and should include the following information:  

  • Description of the case study implemented by your European University Alliance. 
  • Description of the exact outcomes of the practical case. 
  • Description of how the implementation of the practical case had a positive impact on society.  

In the event, you have any support material, please share it with us (website, videos, infographics, articles, etc.).  

The deadline for this open call is Tuesday 3rd October 5:00 PM CET.  

The specifications of the poster will be sent once they final selection has been done.  

Please send your proposal for the poster session at