Call for Submissions – CHARM-EU Open Science Recognition Award

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Wed, 07/12/2023 - 08:45

CHARM-EU has established the Open Science Recognition Award in order to recognize the contributions of individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to Open Science. Submissions are open to all teachers and researchers from the CHARM-EU partner universities until 15 September 2023.

Open Science represents a fundamental shift in the way knowledge is created, shared and utilized. It encompasses the principles of transparency, inclusivity and collaboration, thereby fostering innovation and societal impact. Dedicated to promoting Open Science as a crucial pillar of its mission, CHARM-EU is delighted to announce the first edition of its Open Science Recognition Award.


All individuals engaged in research or teaching in the CHARM-EU member universities who have worked with Open Science are invited to apply for the CHARM-EU Open Science Recognition Award. We welcome applications from all academic disciplines.

Submission Requirements

To apply for the Award, interested individuals must submit a concise, one-page description of their Open Science-related activities. The description should outline the initiatives, projects, or research endeavours undertaken to promote and advance Open Science principles. Applicants are encouraged to highlight their contributions in areas such as open access publishing, data sharing, open educational resources, citizen science, open source software, or any other relevant field. Applicants are requested to provide links, if available, in evidence of their online Open Science activity.

Evaluation Process

Each submission will be evaluated by a jury comprising Open Science experts from every CHARM-EU institution. The jury will assess the submissions based on their alignment with Open Science principles and the impact of the described activities.

For more information on this (the 8 pillars of Open Science), please consult the EU Open Science factsheet of December 2, 2019 here.

Award Benefits

The winner of this year's CHARM-EU Open Science Recognition Award will have the opportunity to travel to one of the CHARM-EU partner universities and consult with local experts on strategies and practices for promoting Open Science. This visit will provide insights, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among the awardee and the local Open Science community.

How to Apply

Please submit your application, including the one-page description of your Open Science-related activities, via email to Ensure that the subject line of your email is "Submission - CHARM-EU Open Science Recognition Award.

Application deadline: 15 September 2023

Winner announcement: 13 October 2023

We look forward to receiving your submissions and recognizing the efforts of our community members in advancing Open Science practices. Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address above.