CHARM-EU Capstone Challenges ​​​​​​

Ecology concept. World with trees, plants and volunteers.

The Capstone is the third and final phase of the CHARM-EU Master's in Global Challenges for Sustainability. During a period of six months, students work collaboratively with their peers, academic staff, and extra-academic actors on an authentic sustainability challenge which is based on the student's original disciplinary field. You can learn more about the challenges chosen and the external stakeholders the students work with below.

Capstone Supervision Policy

The Capstone Supervision Policy applies to Phase 3 of the ‘Global Challenges for Sustainability’ Master's programme and explains the roles and responsibilities of those involved in Supervision and promotes a consistent and positive learning experience by students. The policy aligns with the requirements of the European Standards Guidelines (ESG 2015), Standard 1.3  Student -Centred Learning Teaching and Assessment and Standard 2 and 5 of the European Approach to Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes (2014) on Learning Outcomes and Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

You cand download the Capstone Supervision Policy here