CHARM-EU holds webinar focused on the role business and society in higher education

Business and Society Information Session Poster

The virtual event that was held last 22 July 2020 aimed at exploring and sharing opportunities and strengths related to the creation of a new innovative university model by connecting business and society, students and researchers.

The webinar “Business and Society Information Session” was organised by CHARM-EU with the aim of strengthening the participation of business and society in the design of a new higher education landscape.

In her welcome address, Oana Dumitrescu, DG EAC Higher Education European Commission, introduced the European Universities and highlighted that the role of business and society is crucial for the success of the initiative.  

Then the CHARM-EU Alliance Manager, Meritxell Chaves stressed on the transdisciplinary approach of the alliance that is being designed to prepare students to become critical thinkers and be ready to face complex global challenges.

The introductory presentations were followed by an overview to CHARM-EU Masters programme “Global Challenges for Sustainability” and the Knowledge Creating Teams* by Gemma O’Sullivan, Curriculum design work package leader​ and Jake Byrne, Pilot work package leader. The speakers highlighted the importance of the educational ‘Knowledge Square’ which includes Education, Innovation, Research and Service to Society.

The webinar also had the participation of CHARM-EU student representative, Fedoua Ouchan (Utrecht University) who presented a student perspective on CHARM-EU and the relevance of the programme for international students. The business perspective of the CHARM-EU Initiative was introduced by Jeroen Spierings, Regional Head of Education from RICOH, an associate partner of the alliance.

The last part of the online meeting was in a Q&A format where participants had an opportunity to exchange knowledge and innovative ideas. This last session was chaired by Tim Savage, Trinity College Dublin and had the participation of Núria Casamitjana Badia, University of Barcelona, Patrick Caron, University of Montpellier, Ádám Tóth, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest​, Claire Donnellan, Trinity College Dublin​ and Fedoua Ouchan, Utrecht University​

Documents and presentations

* A Knowledge Creating Team (KCT) is a collaborative group of academics, researchers and extra-academic actors (e.g. traditional and social enterprise) formed around a common expertise related to a sustainability theme. The KCTs are composed of a core team of academics and researchers who deliver content and an expanded network of extra-academic actors. 

The aims of a KCT are to build trans-institutional research communities; develop and teach transdisciplinary module content and build trans-institutional communities of CHARM-EU stakeholders. For more information on how to participate, please send an email to