CHARM-EU in the magazine ‘Higher Education Management’

Title of the article

The magazine 'Higher Education Management' published an article in October 2021 about the background of the alliance and about the recently started master's programme Global Challenges for Sustainability.

In this article the authors discuss the background to the CHARM-EU alliance and the Global Challenges for Sustainability Master’s: what is involved in offering an international programme such as this; what the success factors are and anticipated developments  The Higher Education Management is a magazine focused on information, regulations and governance in higher education featuring practical information for the HE institutions.

The article published in September describes how the five CHARM-EU partners had to bring their own national laws and regulations in line with European agreements in order to be able to start the joint-degree master's programme.

In the coming years, CHARM-EU will focus on expanding the current joint-degree master's programme, but also on looser forms of work such as micro-credentials. In addition, work is being done on setting up joint research in joint PhD programmes within TORCH, the research dimension of CHARM-EU. 

The four authors of the article (Marie-Jet Fennema, Jan Haarhuis, Sylvia Den Hengst, Willemijn van Os) works at Utrecht University and at CHARM-EU, an alliance of five European universities.

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