CHARM-EU R&I Days 2023 - 1st edition

R&I Days 2023


Building Multidisciplinary Research Proposals: A Co-Creation Workshop to Address the Water Global Challenges

The 2023 CHARM-EU R&I Days brings together a group of diverse-background researchers from the Alliance partner universities, as well as external stakeholders, in order to prompt the creation of new multidisciplinary scientific networks. 

During three intensive co-creation workshop sessions, researchers will be presented with different European funding opportunities for water-related research proposals, and will engage in a collaborative group dynamic that allows to start working together in developing research proposals that address the Water Global Challenges.


When: October 30 and 31, 2023 

Where: Universitat de Barcelona, historical building, Main room: sala Gabriel Oliver. Secondary room: sala de Graus Filologia

Chairs: Dr. José Francisco García (Director of the Water Research Institute, UB), Dr. Valérie Borrell (G-EAU “Water Matters” Lab, UNESCO Water Center, UM), Prof. Gemma Marfany (Rector’s Delegate for Scientific Dissemination, UB)

Format: in-person

Who is it for: Researchers (CHARM-EU universities), external stakeholders (practitioners, policy-makers, civil society, business representatives), educationalists (to run collaborative sessions), research support staff are welcome to attend. 

Interested in pursuing further Water Global Challenges research projects? Join us at the CHARM-EU R&I Days and let's co-create new proposals!


The CHARM-EU R&I Days: Building Multidisciplinary Research Proposals: A Co-Creation Workshop to Address the Water Global Challenges is co-organised with the UB Water Research Institute (IdRA) and the UNESCO Center on Water (Montpellier).


UB Water Research Institute (IdRA)

The Institute is conceived as an agent that maximizes UB's research potential, and aims to foster and support activities carried out by research groups on topics related to water management, uses and quality. Its activity is interdisciplinary and involves various faculties and courses.

IdRA’s main goals are: 1) to promote the consolidation of multidisciplinary teams that can provide rapid technological solutions for specific environmental issues, particularly those related to water; 2) to actively collaborate in the technology and knowledge transfer attained through research, development and innovation undertaken with companies in the water sector; 3) to support the development of the European Research Area through participation in European research projects and Networks, as well as to facilitate researchers mobility.

IdRA website



The UNESCO ICIREWARD International Centre is the first UNESCO research and training centre dedicated to fresh water in France. Located in Montpellier, it is one of the most important worldwide.

Created in 2020, ICIREWARD brings together and strengthens the collaboration of nearly 400 scientists and 150 doctoral students in 17 laboratories. The Centre's scientific community constitutes a rich multidisciplinary and international network to improve our understanding of water-related issues.

The research areas combine hydrological, chemical, and biological sciences alongside social sciences to provide comprehensive expertise on the challenges of water resources: availability, quality, sharing and extreme phenomena (floods, droughts).



TORCH is the research arm of CHARM, a university alliance that aims to explore new venues for the university of the future with a focus on pressing issues: climate change, sustainability, gender gap, inclusion and equity. How do we intend to address these topics that are in the policy agenda of all countries? We aim to provide a flexible and useful channel by not only transferring scientific knowledge from University to society, but also by involving societal partners. To construct this new future we envision, universities have to enable civil engagement, promote citizen science and establish a positive dialogue with stakeholders. This is the mission of TORCH. And as a starting point, in our alliance, we will coalesce forces to address three main impending sustainability global challenges: WATER, FOOD and HEALTH.

As in CHARM-EU alliance, TORCH is formed by the University of Barcelona (coordinator), Trinity College Dublin, Utrecht University, the University of Montpellier and Eötvös Loránd University Budapest. Find out more about our partners at: