CHARM-EU signs European Universities Community’s Manifesto

EUC Manifesto

The CHARM-EU Alliance has endorsed the European Universities Community’s (EUC) Manifesto on the future of Higher Education in Europe.  

The Manifesto is a public statement setting up an agenda for action to promote a common vision for the university of the future, the way it will shape Europe and the role European University Alliances.  

Commenting on CHARM-EU signing the EUC’s Manifesto, Prof. Joan Guàrdia Olmos, Rector of the University of Barcelona, CHARM-EU Coordinator said: “It is our hope that the Manifesto contributes to build a more sustainable, diverse, and inclusive university, thus contributing to shape the future of Europe”. 

“It fully aligns with the values and mission of the CHARM-EU Alliance and the vision we have for the university of the future in which students are the drivers of change. As we continue to work in an innovative university model to reconcile humanity with the planet, we trust that the EUC’s Manifesto can inspire and improve our future activities”, Prof Guàrdia Olmos continued.  

The Manifesto is the result of several months of discussions, meetings and cooperation between students from a number of European University Alliances. It includes their positions on the future of Higher Education in Europe, as well as their recommendations to make European universities more in line with their expectations. Students are very much the actors and writers of this Manifesto.  

The final version of the Manifesto was officially presented to the French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Mrs Frédérique Vidal, and the Commissioner for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Mrs Mariya Gabriel, during the Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe in Paris in January.  

CHARM-EU personnel are represented on the EUC committees: Meritxell Chaves has been appointed as the FOR-EU1 representative in EUC strategic and operational committees while University of Montpellier representatives, Céline Delacourt-Gollain sits on the strategic committee and Julien Lorentz is on the operational one.