CHARM-EU World Café

Illustration with the date and time of the event, CHARM-EU logo and students
Date: 6 September 2022
Time: 14:00-16:00 CET
Location: Online

The next CHARM-EU World Café aims to define problem spaces to work with in the first, Preparatory phase of our Master’s programme by discussing with students, academics and other external actors challenges related to sustainability.

Illustration with the date and time of the event, CHARM-EU logo and students having a discussion in the background

In the Preparatory phase of our Master’s in Global Challenges for Sustainability, the focus is on acquiring general skills, especially in the field of sustainability, social innovation and transdisciplinary research. External actors collaborate with student teams and academics to address sustainability challenges. This contributes both to the students' learning process as well as the impact and involvement of society in European Higher Education.

Why should you join the CHARM-EU World Café?

  • Become part of a new CHARM-EU Expanded Network where society and Higher Education come together;
  • Develop your network with academic and extra-academic actors from your field or a related one;
  • Meet talented students that could be recruited for internships, traineeships, or professional positions at your company or organization in the future;
  • Learn new, topical insights and knowledge in your field of expertise to boost your professional development;
  • Cross-pollinate and connect to diverse perspectives to gain refreshing new insights on the latest sustainability challenges.

Join us and become part of the CHARM-EU Community! A unique and pioneering opportunity to boost cooperation between education, research, innovation, and business & society to reconcile humanity with the planet.

You can register in this link. To find out more about the World Café and its programme, download our leaflet here.

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