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Education approach - CHARM-EU

CHARM-EU's Educational Approach: 10 Key Features

The university of the future needs a new educational approach. The challenges of the 21st century can only be met with learning models that embrace transdisciplinarity and foster new ideas. To do this, students must be equipped with skills that cross traditional barriers and enable innovation. This ambition is central to CHARM-EU's mission and has informed the development of its educational model. The model champions technology, flexibility, and mobility in harmony with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

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ESA European Student Assembly Second Edition 2023

CHARM-EU goes #ESA23

Six CHARM-EU students have been selected to participate in #ESA23! The European Student Assembly (ESA) is one of the flagship projects of the European Universities Community (EUC), bringing together over 200 students from most European University Alliances. #ESA23 will be held in person at the European Parliament in Strasbourg from May 31st to June 2nd.  

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