Water4Future Hackathon: the CHARM-EU model in the spotlight!

Hackathon Water4Future

After a successful Winter School, CHARM-EU keeps engaging in pilot activities showcasing its unique pedagogical model. On March 5-6th, 2021, CHARM-EU is partnering with the UNESCO and the University of Montpellier to organize the Water4Future Hackathon!

A CHARM-EU team will face other teams from Montpellier, Abidjan (Ivory Coast), La Réunion and European universities, trying to meet challenges around the main theme “Water & City”.

What is the Water4Future Hackathon?

Water4Future is an international innovation contest inspiring women and men worldwide to address urban water challenges and design a sustainable future. Open to all, the objective is to create a team project, foster entrepreneurship, imagine new digital tools and promote innovative solutions to preserve our environment and improve everyone's daily life. For 36 hours, your multidisciplinary team will be guided and accompanied in the realisation of its project by international experts to answer your questions, whether you are familiar with the world of water or not! The event will be hosted 100% online.

The perfect showcase for CHARM-EU model

By offering a collaborative experience, the opportunity to take part in a multidisciplinary team supported by external experts and stakeholders to work towards a more sustainable future, Water4Future perfectly embodies that CHARM-EU model. On this 3rd edition, participants will try to meet challenges around a very universal theme strongly connected to one of the three CHARM-EU paths (Water, Food, Life & Health):  Water & City. These challenges will be divided into 4 categories: 1) water in urban space; 2) water and risks; 3) water and health; 4) water to be preserved. Considering how fast our societies are urbanising and the hydrological risks amplified by climate change, the issue of water and city has become an unavoidable subject when striving for a more sustainable future. Addressing these is exactly what CHARM-EU is all about!

To know more about the challenges, visit the dedicated section on the Water4Future website.

Ready to take on the challenge?

You think you are up to the challenge? Wait no longer and register to represent CHARM-EU during the Water4Future Hackathon and take part in a unique, international, intercultural, transdisciplinary and challenging experience. Registrations are now open (limited number of places). You can register by filling in the form here.

You are an expert and you would like to participate by supporting the teams? Please contact Water4Future for more information: contact@water4future.org