Student Testimonials

Students are the core of the CHARM-EU initiative. It is made for them, and partially by them, with the constant involvement of a student body in the working groups of the alliance. The pedagogical model is made to offer them a brand new way to learn in order to face the upcoming challenges of the society. Students are the future. If we want to build the university of the future, they are the answer! Therefore, hear from our students their experiences with our Master's programme:

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Alba Redon Lago

This Master’s has a very innovative programme: it brings together people from different disciplines to work together to solve challenges related to sustainability. Students will not only have the chance to grow professionally, but also at a personal level, expanding their knowledge.



Lotte de Vries

The reason I love CHARM-EU is because of its transdisciplinarity. Both teachers and students have a lot of different backgrounds and expertise and that makes it very nice.


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Marcin Chojnacki

The reason I like CHARM-EU is the international aspect, in being able to converse with students and teachers from all over the world. 



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Shrijeeta Purkait

I joined the course in 2021 and it has been an amazing experience since then. It gives you a lot of opportunities to work with different people from different backgrounds. Apart from the lectures you get to work on different kind of activities which enrich you with different types of skills.


Woman's profile Sealia Theveneau

What I love most about this Master's are the diversity and inclusivity. By the very nature of collaboration between several European universities we are lucky to have within a single programme the different practices and pedagogical perspectives of higher education.



Student Ambassadors contact

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