Business and Society

At CHARM-EU, we recognise that global challenges are complex problems that need input from equally complex networks of individuals and groups. We educate our students and researchers to solve challenges that are defined in close collaboration with you, members of our extended network and community across Europe.

Our mission is to work closely with extra-academic actors to identify, propose and create solutions and research agendas to solve complex, global challenges. Extra-academic actors are members of social and traditional enterprise, communities and individuals across all sectors of society.

CHARM-EU and its educational and research principles are grounded in the transdisciplinarity. We bring multiple disciplines together with students and extra-academic actors to examine challenges, synthesise approaches and mobilise to take action.

Your involvement in our university drives our mission. We are very interested in hearing from you if you or your company, community organization or group have a challenge they would like to explore and ultimately solve our students and our Knowledge Creating Teams (KCTs). 

A KCT is a collaborative group of academics, researchers and extra-academic actors (e.g. traditional and social enterprise) formed around a common expertise related to a sustainability theme. The KCTs are composed of a core team of academics and researchers who deliver content and an expanded network of extra-academic actors. 

The aims of a KCT are to build trans-institutional research communities; develop and teach transdisciplinary module content and build trans-institutional communities of CHARM-EU stakeholders. 

We invite you to participate through becoming a member of the Extended Network of a thematic KCTs. You can contribute to designing our educational programmes and modules. You can define and revise research agendas to work together to fund innovative projects that address common European goals. You can propose a challenge for our students to work on in close collaboration with you or your social or traditional enterprise.

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