The CHARMobility experience

You, the other CHARM-EU students and CHARM-EU staff will be one international university community in 5 beautiful university cities across 5 countries. An important and exciting part of your CHARM-EU journey is the wide range of opportunities to meet and interact with your international classmates both online and in person, to develop your academic, personal, social and professional competences and strengthen your communication and language skills in a unique intercultural environment.

CHARM-EU mobility combines the best of a truly international classroom and mobility activities. You will be able to follow a unique learning path through Europe, supporting your learning needs and ambitions.

CHARM-EU integrates exchange of knowledge, experience and people into its educational model. You will participate in virtual exchange programmes, travel physically for a co-creative project and a bit of both in a blended mobility activity. CHARM-EU mobility can be short & intensive, mid-length & deeper or longer & comprehensive and you can embark on this journey on your own, as a duo or in a group.

CHARM-EU mobility encourages you to travel (green!) to participate in an international activity in at least one other CHARM-EU university than the one you start at. Your destination(s) will of course be linked to the academic content and learning goals of the modules of your choice.

Find inspiration and motivation in the EXAMPLE CHARM-EU mobility scenarios below! Your own journey, customised in coordination with CHARM-EU staff, will include pre-defined mobility options in the modules, complemented with more individual choices. You might even choose to change location for a term as well (phase mobility).

Please note that these examples do not necessarily indicate the exact mobility types you will be able to choose, nor the compulsory number of mobilities you have to complete as a CHARM-EU student.

CHARM-EU offers an inclusive, accessible programme and in case of any access needs, requirements, additional guidance and support will be available. If physical travel for international mobility is not an option for you, alternatives can be found with the assistance of CHARM-EU staff.

Funding for CHARMobility

As moving between CHARM-EU campuses for educational purposes is one of the appealing built-in cornerstones of the programme, travel grants will be made available where possible.

To give you an idea of funding opportunities:

Funding opportunities. *Specific information on Erasmus+ 2021-2027 criteria and grant amounts is not available yet.

Please note that for mobility activities without institutional funding, you need to budget a personal contribution. The amount will of course depend on your individual scenario, below you can find some indicative prices for all cities to help you estimate any additional costs.

TRAVEL - t by train / b by bus - prices from

Travel by train by bus - prices from

CHARM-EU wishes to promote sustainable travel, hence the choice to show the starting prices for train and bus trips. Of course, the actual prices will depend on time of booking and period of travelling. Travelling to and from Dublin by train is not an option, however there are several plane or ferry options.

STAY - prices from

Stay - Prices from