Career path

The Master’s programme strongly supports student employability, professional-specific competencies, and academic career progression. The Master’s strengthens these aspects through identifying multiple career pathways, aligning learning outcomes to business and civil society stakeholder needs, and fostering of a broad industry-ready skillset.

Four potential postgraduate student pathways (i.e., fields of employment) have been identified:

  • sustainable policy and communication roles.
  • social innovation and action either within existing companies (intrapreneurship) or via generation of new enterprises (entrepreneurship).
  • managers with the ability to deal with complex issues from a sustainability perspective and to advise company senior management on sustainability matters.
  • progress further along the academic pathway.

Specific roles that graduates might consider are:

  • Sustainability Specialist
  • Communications Specialist
  • Social Innovation Analyst
  • Entrepreneur (Environmental Strategist)
  • International Consultant (for enterprises, governmental institutions and NGOs).
  • Researcher