WP1 Management of the project

This work package deals with the management of the CHARM-EU proposal in different aspects: teamwork, decision making processes, participation of different levels of university community in the project, financial management, reports and follow up of the timelines and outcomes.

WP2 Governance

This work package outlines the framework and processes to be utilised in the journey to create a future innovative governance and management model which will be tested during the pilot and employed to achieve Charm-EU’s mission and vision beyond the three years.

WP3. Curricula Design

This work programme specifically supports the mission and vision of CHARM-EU (Challenge- driven, accessible, research-based, mobile) through developing and exploring innovative curriculum design models that are appropriate for generating challenge-driven research-based programmes that promote European citizenship and enhance mobility. The curriculum models will ensure the CHARM-EU programmes will be globally oriented, inclusive, and student-centred.

WP4. Teaching and Learning Strategies

The primary goal of this Work Package is to develop Teaching and Learning Strategies to foster an open, creative and collaborative spirit in students and expose them to ways of thinking that their academic discipline or cultural background may not traditionally engender.

WP5. Mobility

In this work package partners will analyse, and clarify, how mobility can be a norm in a European University.  In this project, we are planning to develop a unique system in which mobility is a “norm” and therefore there will be considerable emphasis during the project on mobility within the Charm-EU alliance.

WP6. Inclusiveness

This work package aims to ensure inclusivity producing recommendations and policies for different work packages: governance and management, curriculum design, teaching and learning strategies, mobility, the pilot and the toolkit. 

WP7. Pilot

The main objective of this work package/programme is to implement and evaluate the CHARM-EU Toolkit (WP8) in order to implement a student-centred, challenge-driven, interdisciplinary and research-based education programme that can act as a proof of concept and testbed for future CHARM-EU educational experiences, both within the CHARM-EU alliance and replicated in part by other European alliances.  


WP8. Future CHARM-EU model and toolkit

This WP aims to create the future CHARM-EU model to be implemented beyond the funded period and to produce a transferable toolkit to be used by other universities or future alliances.

WP9. Dissemination & Communication

This work package aims how CHARM-EU will build the dissemination plan and the communication strategy. In order to guide the dissemination activities of the alliance, a multi-level dissemination strategy will be developed by CHARM-EU. The basis of the dissemination plan encompasses a number of levels and revolves around understanding who is the audience and how many of them are there in order to choose the best routing and the way in which the information is provided and in what level of detail.  Whilst often dissemination plans are thought of as being external, it is important that in order for staff/students across the partner universities to be kept informed and for a greater cohort to become involved as CHARM-EU scales up, the audience for the dissemination plan has to be both internal and external.