More than 800 students applied for the European Student Assembly

European Flag

The inaugural session of the European Student Assembly will bring together student representatives designated in all 41 European university alliance, for a conference to be held at the European parliament in Strasbourg in March 2022. More than 10 CHARM-EU students participated in the application process.

Reinforcing the great potential of the European universities network, the call for the European Student Assembly received more than 800 applications from 30 countries, 140 universities and various backgrounds. Out of these applicants, around 200 student representatives will be selected to participate in a high-level conference to be held at the European parliament in Strasbourg in March 2022.

Organised in partnership with the European Parliament and the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Student Assembly is a unique opportunity for students from across Europe to address some of the complex challenges that the EU faces today. The Assembly will contribute to make student voices heard through the publication of their policy recommendations.

The conference is expected to gather the students representatives from all participating alliances in the Strasbourg premises of the European Parliament. After a series of keynote speeches, particpants will be given the opportunity to discuss their position within one of 9 thematic sub-groups. The recommendations of each subgroup will then be submitted to the vote of the plenary assembly, resulting in a common position paper to be shared with European decision makers in the frame of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

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