New podcast episode: TORCH innovative methodological approach towards a Common Science Agenda

Podcast microphone and sound waves with blue tones

This episode of the CHARM-EU Podcast introduces the path towards the TORCH Common Science Agenda and how six research challenges have been selected to be developed further as pilot studies.

In our latest podcast episode, hosted by University of Barcelona’s Nicole Font, you can hear about the TORCH activities to achieve a Common Science Agenda. To better understand this methodological process, we sat down with Dr. Andrea Velich from our partner institution, ELTE, and Dr. Albert Diaz, from the University of Barcelona who explained this multi-step bottom-up participatory process which has resulted in a list of research challenges that could be further developed as pilot studies. 

We also discussed the importance of one of the selected research challenges that TORCH would be developing during the second phase of the project: ‘Preventive Water Sustainable Management of Freshwater resources within a global change frameset’.

Listen to the full episode here.

To learn more about methodological process carried out by TORCH partners to obtain a list of research challenges, please access: