Knowledge Creating Teams


About CHARM-EU Knowledge Creating Teams (KCTs)

KCTs are collaborative groups of academics, researchers and extra-academic actors (e.g. traditional and social enterprise) formed around a common expertise/interest related to a sustainability theme. KCTs have two levels of membership: Core and Expanded Network. 

  • KCT Core: research, develop and teach challenge-based content in the pilot masters programme

  • KCT Expanded Network: join and build trans-institutional research communities and communities of CHARM-EU stakeholders connected to thematic challenge areas.

Through engagement with CHARM-EU, staff will be supported to build research networks with academic and extra-academic actors from across Europe and to focus their research efforts within thematic challenge areas. 

Staff will receive training in transdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research and novel pedagogies including challenge-based learning. CHARM-EU particularly welcomes staff from across the full spectrum of disciplines who may not directly have experience connected to sustainability teaching and/or research.