Research and Staff

The CHARM-EU alliance is built upon its world-class strengths in research and education to provide a curriculum that brings the researcher into the classroom and provides the meaningful integration of research into teaching and learning. 

The alliance takes the existing collaboration which up until now has mainly focused on research projects (2415 bilateral co-authored publications) and student/teacher mobility, to the next level of cooperation.  The implementation of this initiative will require the contribution and input not only from students but also from the administrative support services, the teaching/academic staff/researchers, the senior officials and managers and the president/rector of each university. 

The 5 partners universities that form CHARM-EU (University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, University of Utrecht and Eötvös Lorand University of Budapest and University of Montpellier) have an excellent research-based background and also share the commitment to innovate and improve the quality of higher education, and to work together across research, education and the connections points between them.

The development of a proposed new integrated governance structure, transversal curriculum design and staff training for CHARM-EU are some examples of sustainable and transversal cooperation where each partner will bring their people, expertise and knowledge to build the university of the future. In addition, we expect that the mission and vision of CHARM-EU will have a transformational effect on each member and beyond.