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CHARM-EU Pedagogical Guidelines


Resource description

The CHARM-EU educational approach is guided by ten principles, and in the Pedagogical Guidelines, we define these principles and explore the theory behind them. This will help you gain an understanding of why these principles were chosen and how they relate to teaching and learning in a CHARM-EU program. A background understanding of these principles is important when designing CHARM-EU modules, teaching CHARM-EU students, and working with other CHARM-EU stakeholders.

These guidelines describe CHARM-EU teaching and learning practices at a high level, focusing on theory, definitions, benefits, challenges and best practices and provide practical implementation tips for your teaching practice. This resource can be used as a reference guide when planning, designing, implementing and evaluating a CHARM-EU module. It will help you align your teaching with the 10 CHARM-EU Educational Principles.

A summary of this document is available in CHARM-EU partner languages on the right hand side of this page.