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Criteria for mobility outside CHARM-EU


Resource description

In line with the aim of making mobility the norm within the Alliance, CHARM-EU is also dedicated to summarising the key points and practicalities of its mobility system in order to support other European University Alliances in developing their own mobility systems. Since CHARM-EU has put a special emphasis on the development of its joint degree programme and its corresponding mobility system, this document focuses particularly on the challenges and solutions implemented in connection with its existing master’s programme, while also presenting some solutions on how to make mobility the norm in other joint programmes.

The document is advised to be read together with the papers on CHARM-EU's Interactive Mobility Matrix System and Unique Funding System that can be found in the CHARM-EU Toolkit. These documents provide a step-by-step guideline on how to identify and integrate mobility into the curriculum and the teaching and learning strategies, as well as to define the financial scheme to be used to cover mobilities within the joint programme. Once the integration is successful, the Interactive Mobility Handbook provides a detailed description on how to manage and administer mobility within Alliances.

Chapter 1 focuses on the aims of the document, while Chapter 2 summarises those challenges CHARM-EU faced through the design and implementation of its master’s programme and its corresponding mobility scheme. The document elaborates on the challenges connected with setting up and running the mobility scheme related to the joint master’s programme, including national and institutional issues around finances, scheduling, support, etc.

Chapter 3 elaborates on the solutions used and actions put in motion by CHARM-EU in order to overcome the challenges described in previous sections. Building on the lessons learnt throughout the implementation, Chapter 4 gives useful tips and suggestions to other European University Alliances willing to adapt the solutions used by the CHARM-EU Alliance. Finally, Chapter 5 provides suggestions and recommendations for the European Commission to further develop the policy framework and the supporting initiatives.