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Inter-Institutional Hybrid Classrooms: A CHARM European University perspective

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CHARM-EU hosted a webinar as part of the Valuing Ireland’s Teaching & Learning (VIT&L) Week for the Irish National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. From 08 to 12 November 2021, the Irish higher education community came together through local and national events to consider how they valued teaching and learning and what the future of education would look like for the students of tomorrow. CHARM-EU shared their experiences of delivering a challenge based, transdisciplinary Master’s in Global Challenges for Sustainability using an innovative hybrid classroom approach. In this workshop, participants were introduced to CHARM-EU module design, development and implementation across an inter-institutional postgraduate Master’s programme, and how this design was supported by a hybrid classroom approach. A focus was on the structures used to support inter-institutional module design with transdisciplinary stakeholders where the hybrid classroom is used as a teaching environment across five European Universities. Sharing our experiences of the inter-institutional and hybrid teaching modality of CHARM-EU module development will be of interest to any higher education administrative, teaching, and management staff working in inter-institutional teaching environments. It will also be of interest to educational technologists and instructional designers seeking novel means of teaching innovation in their own universities.