Top 2 CHARM-EU student’s articles on their reflections throughout the COVID-19 lockdown

Woman writing in a laptop

From humor to develop resilience to a significant change in communication and culture, both articles express students’ thoughts and lessons learnt under a pandemic situation.

In the framework of the CHARM-EU’s Master’s in Global Challenges for Sustainability , one of the assessment activities assigned to students during the flexible phase on the thematic module of Life and Health was to write a blog post to reflect on things that went wrong or right during the COVID pandemic in their life context. The article should include actions and decisions that are good examples or best practices, and also those which weren’t successful. They also had to include some suggestions, solutions and ideas.

The top 2 articles selected to be shared with the CHARM-EU alliance are from Alèxia Torner Crespo and Emma Swift. Alèxia’s article focuses on how she coped during the lockdown with their life duties and daily tasks through humor, particularly with memes. “Humour helps us build connections, develop strength as a community and cope with prolonged stress" she said.

Emma’s article reflects a swift in the culture and communication of society and also how young people were unjustly accused of spreading COVID in which she explained that she “wrote my thesis sitting inside and reading the news every day, getting increasingly anxious and depressed. “I graduated online via Zoom” emphasized Emma.

We hope you enjoy both articles and  that they will serve as inspiration for future reflections on the impact of the pandemic.

Download both articles in pdf: