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The world is now more connected and more global than ever before and the needs of our society are changing accordingly. New technologies are arising and with them new challenges that can only be faced with synergic alliances between different societal actors. European university alliances are now emerging as a means to embody collaborative efforts and provide solutions to our future problems.

TORCH is the research arm of CHARM, a university alliance that aims to explore new venues for the university of the future with a focus on pressing issues: climate change, sustainability, gender gap, inclusion and equity. How do we intend to address these topics that are in the policy agenda of all countries? We aim to provide a flexible and useful channel by not only transferring scientific knowledge from University to society, but also by involving societal partners. To construct this new future we envision, universities have to enable civil engagement, promote citizen science and establish a positive dialogue with stakeholders. This is the mission of TORCH. And as a starting point, in our alliance, we will coalesce forces to address three main impending sustainability global challenges: WATER, FOOD and HEALTH.

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Latest news

Cover image with photos made during the Second TORCH Annual Forum

Sharing strategies and strengthening cooperation towards the future of R&I

On 8 March 2023, Trinity College Dublin hosted the 2nd TORCH Annual Forum focusing on common R&I policies and strategies. Bringing together representatives of diverse national and international actors within the European research and innovation landscape, the event provided an excellent opportunity to discuss challenges and progress regarding some of the key R&I areas.

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Poster of the TORCH forum with scientist woman and businessman and a glowing TORCH logo

Register now for the second TORCH Annual Forum!

On the 8th of March 2023, CHARM-EU is organising its second TORCH Annual Forum titled “Sharing Common R&I Policies and Strategies: strengthening collaborations towards a transformational approach”. The hybrid event – hosted by Trinity College Dublin – is open to stakeholders interested in research and innovation as well as university-industry-citizen collaboration.

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Picture of the interactive infographic with the 8 pillars of Open science and the additional dimensions of cultural change/leadership and benchmarking highlighted by TORCH WP6

TORCH Developed Action List to Promote Open Science Practices

The TORCH work package aiming to mainstream Open Science practices compared policies across CHARM-EU partners to identify strengths and weaknesses related to the pillars of Open Science. An action list with directly implementable procedures was also developed to support a more innovative Europe by advancing the democratization of scientific knowledge.

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