Research Support

In order to advance the CHARM-EU Common Science Agenda, TORCH is developing a joint strategy towards building shared structures and initiatives that will be the cornerstone of the Alliance's R&I dimension. This plan comprises:

  • Devising a joint approach to support multidisciplinary, challenge-driven research projects for CHARM-EU.
  • Prompting the creation of scientific networks across the Alliance universities, and providing support to scientific teams developing research proposals. In particular, in relation to the TORCH Research Challenges.
  • Conceiving an Action Plan on the development of a CHARM-EU joint office to manage and support research activities.

As part of this initiative, some useful resources are made available for the whole CHARM-EU academic community:

  1. A directory of institutional research support units available for researchers in our universities. Try 'Contact points' below.
  2. Some tools to support multidisciplinary research collaboration and the creation of researchers’ networks. Try 'Find a Partner for your Project' below.
  3. An interactive tool based on bibliographic analysis of current authorship networks within the Alliance. Try the 'Collaboration Networks App' below.
  4. An inventory of practical resources for researchers. Try 'Useful Resources' below.