Research Support

In order to advance the CHARM-EU Common Science Agenda, TORCH is developing a joint strategy towards building shared structures and initiatives that will be the cornerstone of the Alliance's R&I dimension. This plan comprises:

  • Devising a joint approach to support multidisciplinary, challenge-driven research projects for CHARM-EU.
  • Prompting the creation of scientific networks across the Alliance universities, and providing support to scientific teams developing research proposals. In particular, in relation to the TORCH Research Challenges.
  • Conceiving an Action Plan on the development of a CHARM-EU joint office to manage and support research activities.

As part of this initiative, some useful resources are made available for the whole CHARM-EU academic community:

  1. A directory of institutional research support units available for researchers in our universities. Try 'Contact points' below.
  2. A tool to foster collaboration in multidisciplinary research projects and the creation of new researchers’ networks. Try the 'CHARM-EU Guide of Experts' below.
  3. Interactive tools based on bibliographic analysis of current authorship networks that help you to search publications and discover inter-institutional research collaboration networks within CHARM-EU. Try the 'Bibliographic and Collaboration Networks Apps' below.