What we do

European universities need to strategically rethink and contribute to define the role of Europe in the 21st century when the planet faces unprecedented global challenges. Our future depends on our capacity to Reconcile Humanity with the Planet and, for this, we need a transformative European research and educational experience.

CHARM-EU believes that the EU Future University is a deeply interconnected University – connected to other universities and non-academic sectors; and having its internal support structures working in a connected way. Such a university must adapt quickly to evolve from being traditional and independent to embrace a collaborative approach and become game changers.

The TORCH Project arises to strengthen CHARM-EU's academic and research networks by promoting a challenge-driven transformative agenda with a transdisciplinary and intercultural vision laying its foundation in 3 Cross Cutting Principles of Responsible R&I and 4 Transformational Modules:

Cross Cutting Principles








The future R&I dimension covers three open questions:


CHARM-EU Challenges and Knowledge Thematic Areas related with the SDGs:

  • Food, Water, and Life & Health
  • Biodiversity, Environment and Climate Change
  • (In)Equality, Economic Growth and Governance


CHARM-EU Approach:

  • Responsible Research and Innovation
  • Open Science

With whom?

Cooperation and Engagement between Universities and other sectors:

  • Transdisciplinarity and Interculturality