Applications for the second edition of the CHARM-EU Master’s in Global Challenges for Sustainability is now open!

Poster Master's in Global Challenges for Sustainability
Tue, 04/12/2022 - 11:36

The deadline for applications is next 8 May 2022! Graduates of any discipline from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

CHARM-EU has opened the second call for applications to the Master’s in Global Challenges for Sustainability: an international learning opportunity with a transdisciplinary, challenge-based, and flexible educational programme combined with a student experience that offers one-of-a-kind mobility opportunities and a truly inclusive environment.

The international CHARM-EU Master’s programme is an 18-month, full-time programme with innovative pedagogical approaches and mechanisms to engage staff and students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines to facilitate, foster and enhance the links between education, research, and innovation. It also includes a full intercultural experience: students will be attending lectures in one of the 5 CHARM-EU partner’s universities and connect to the other campuses online over the 18-month duration of the Master’s.

The course will combine a variety of mobility options: switching campuses from one phase to the other, short mobilities within the phase and virtual mobility. In the master’s programme, participation at phase mobility during Phase 2 is obligatory. It means that students will move to a different university from your phase 1 location in Phase 2, following the field of their choice. 

This course provides a unique opportunity to obtain an accredited master’s degree jointly awarded by the five European universities: University of BarcelonaTrinity College DublinUtrecht UniversityEötvös Loránd University and University of Montpellier.

After the success of the first call for applications that ended in March, CHARM-EU has decided to open up a number of places for students who might still be interested in the course.

Who can apply?

The Master’s in Global Challenges for Sustainability is aimed at graduates of any discipline from diverse backgrounds who want to acquire advanced knowledge of sustainability by addressing real and global societal challenges. Students will learn challenge analysis skills and extend their capabilities to address and develop solutions for complex problems.

Applicants will need to hold at least a bachelor’s degree or recognised equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. In the case of students with a French Licence they will need an additional 30 ECTS for admission.  An English language certification (C1) is necessary for programme admission.

Candidates can submit their applications via:

The deadline for applications is next 8 May 2022!

To find out more about what the ‘Global Challenges for Sustainability’ Master’s has to offer click here.