CHARM-EU celebrated its first Commencement Ceremony

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Thu, 02/09/2023 - 20:19

On 3 February 2023, Capstone students of the CHARM-EU programme Global Challenges for Sustainability became the first Master's graduates in the history of the European Universities initiative. They received their certificates at the end of an intensive mobility week.

CHARM-EU held its first Commencement Ceremony on 3 February when the first graduates of the Alliance's joint Master's programme received their certificates in Barcelona. The innovative programme "Global Challenges for Sustainability" is the first accredited Master’s degree under the criteria of the European Universities initiative. The students of this promotion have been the first to live this innovative learning experience, with transdisciplinarity, sustainability, mobility and inclusiveness as central principles.

The recent CHARM-EU graduates have received training that enables them to work in areas such as sustainability, social innovation, sustainable entrepreneurship, project management or research. The master's degree in Global Challenges for Sustainability aligns learning outcomes with the needs of industry, business and civil society, and promotes a broad set of skills suitable for the labour market. The programme is supported by external stakeholders and it enables students to connect with the business and social sector, build a strong network and be prepared to work with companies and institutions around the world.

Throughout the last week of the programme, students participated in various learning activities such as workshops and field trips, panel discussions and a poster exhibition. They also presented their thesis projects (Capstone challenges) on which they have been working with their peers, mentors as well as external stakeholders during the final phase of the programme.

The mobility week and the master’s programme concluded with the graduation ceremony. Rector Joan Guàrdia Olmos from the University of Barcelona, Rector László Borhy from ELTE, Vanessa Debiais-Sainton, Head of the European Commission's Higher Education Unit, Markus González Beilfuss, Deputy Secretary of State of the Spanish Ministry of Universities, CHARM-EU Academic Director Catherine Comiskey and Academic Coordinator Marjanneke Vijge greeted and congratulated the graduating students. Vanessa Debiais-Sainton emphasized that graduates have the power to help create a sustainable future for all, Rector Joan Guàrdia Olmos highlighted that students are the future of the European University while Rector László Borhy thanked the graduates for their contribution to the innovation and co-creation process of CHARM-EU.

In parallel with the final mobility week, colleagues from the nine member universities of the Alliance were also in Barcelona. The partners discussed the main tasks of the work packages of the new expansion project launched in January 2023. While the Alliance focused on designing from scratch and testing during the first phase of collaboration, CHARM-EU will focus on expanding its activities and its impact during the next four years of cooperation.

Gallery of the Commencement Ceremony: