CHARM-EU is on TV!

Close up view from the TV screen with two men

Last week, Gilles Subra, CHARM-EU manager for the University of Montpellier (France) was on French national TV to present the CHARM-EU Master’s in Global Challenges for Sustainability.

Smart ideas for business and companies

B Smart is a brand-new French TV channel dedicated to business, economy and companies. The daily show “Smart impact” focuses on sustainability challenges and sustainable and responsible economy. The show integrates a segment called “Smart ideas”, highlighting new projects related to sustainability and relevant for business and society.

An opportunity for companies

On April 15th, Gilles Subra highlighted the uniqueness of the Master with its unique pedagogical model, the challenge-based and transdisciplinary learning environment, the recognition by 5 European higher education institutions within the framework of the European Universities initiative, and the fantastic opportunity it represents for companies with the learning outcomes being aligned with the needs of the society. Gilles Subra also mentioned the importance of the connection between the Master and external stakeholders in order to achieve CHARM-EU’s goal: reconciling humanity with the planet.

A Master for the future

The discussion also emphasized that Master is preparing students for the jobs and careers of tomorrow, highlighting the commitment of CHARM-EU towards a more sustainable future for all.

You can watch the replay of the show here: