2nd TORCH Annual Forum | March 2023

Banned of the TORCH Forum with a stientist woman and a businessman and the logo of TORCH


    About the Annual Forum

    Within its Research & Innovation dimension TORCH, CHARM-EU is working to develop its challenge-driven transformative R&I agenda based on a transdisciplinary and intercultural vision to solve complex societal challenges. The TORCH Annual Open Forums provide the possibility to share results and achievements related to the project and discuss them together with stakeholders, other European University Alliances and institutions.

    On 8 March 2023, Trinity College Dublin hosted the 2nd TORCH Annual Forum focusing on common R&I policies and strategies. Bringing together representatives of diverse national and international actors within the European research and innovation landscape, the event provided an excellent opportunity to discuss challenges and progress regarding some of the key R&I areas such as research assessment reform, fostering equality, diversity and inclusion in research, championing open science and citizen science, promoting inter- and transdisciplinary research and fostering R&I cooperation between universities.

    To learn more, read our article on the event or download our conference report.