Call for applications for Erasmus+ student mobility for studies!

Erasmus plus

The CHARM-EU Joint Virtual Administrative Office (JVAO) announces the second round of the call for applications for Erasmus+ student mobility for study purposes in Phase 2 of the Master's in Global Challenges for Sustainability.

What is Erasmus+ Student Mobility For Studies?

Student Mobility for Studies comprises a specified period where students leave their sending institution and undertake a study period at a receiving institution.


Grant Support For The Mobility Of Students

Students receive an individual support grant as a contribution to their additional costs for travel and subsistence related to their period of study at the receiving institution.

The monthly amounts will be defined by the National Agencies in agreement with National Authorities, and/or the higher education institutions on the basis of objective and transparent criteria. The exact amounts are available from the JVAO.


Who Can Apply?

Only full-time students enrolled in the Master's in Global Challenges for Sustainability offered by CHARM-EU are eligible to apply for Erasmus student mobility for studies in this call. Please note that the second round of the call is targeted at those students who did not submit their application during the first round.


Erasmus+ Inclusion Support

Students with fewer opportunities may receive a top-up amount to the individual support of their Erasmus+ grant. The criteria to be applied are defined at national level by the National Agencies in agreement with National Authorities.


Additional funding is available for participants with physical, mental or health-related conditions via the Erasmus+ special needs support. Students with disabilities are provided with up to 100% additional funding to cover their special needs costs, including the expenses of an accompanying person.


For further details, you may contact the JVAO.


When Is The Deadline For The Grant Application? 

The deadline for applications to be submitted through the official CHARM-EU Erasmus+ Application Form is 3rd of December 2021.


When Can I Undertake My Mobility?

This is a call for application to Erasmus Student Mobility for Studies lasting the full duration of Phase 2 of the CHARM-EU Master's in Global Challenges for Sustainability. The start date for these mobilities is Friday 11 February 2022 and the end date is Monday 10 July 2022.


Where Will I Undertake My Mobility?

Students must carry out their physical mobility activity in one of the CHARM-EU alliance members:

  • University of Barcelona
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Utrecht University
  • University of Montpellier
  • Eötvös Loránd University Budapest


Grant Application Process

Students must fill out the following form in which you indicate both your Phase 1 (sending institution) and Phase 2 (receiving institution), the latter being assigned by the Academic Board.


You can find the application form below:




Foreign Language Proficiency

Language proficiency criteria do not apply since all CHARM-EU students have obtained a C1 English language level.


Assessment Process

Provided the proposed mobility meets the administrative criteria then the mobility will be funded.


More Information About The Erasmus+ Programme