Business and Society

Join our CHARM-EU transdisciplinary and intercultural community for a unique and pioneering opportunity to boost cooperation between education, research, innovation, and business & society to reconcile humanity with the planet.

Whether you are an enterprise, a civil society organisation, a policymaker or a professional expert, you are likely interested in participating in an international network which connects you with the future of higher education, meeting the needs of students, business and society. That is why we have created CHARM-EU Knowledge Creating Teams (KCTs): an innovative platform to generate a real and powerful collaboration between the CHARM-European University Initiative and external stakeholders. CHARM-EU Knowledge Creating Teams aims to:

  • generate knowledge exchange amongst different stakeholders from across the full spectrum of disciplines.
  • foster research, innovation and entrepreneurship for a greener and sustainable future.
  • work closely to identify, propose and create solutions and research agendas to solve complex, global challenges.
  • educate our students to be able to address global challenges and be prepared for the labour market.
  • promote long-term partnerships.   

Together we are stronger: building a sustainable future for all         

CHARM-EU’s mission is to work closely with extra-academic actors to identify, propose and create solutions and research agendas to solve complex, global challenges. Transdisciplinary is the core principle of CHARM-EU and supports the mission and vision of the alliance. Thus, we have created the KCTs as an innovative tool that brings multiple academic disciplines together with students and extra-academic actors to examine complex challenges, synthesise approaches and mobilise to take action. The creation of the KCTs is aligned with the vision of the European Education Area (European Commission, 2020), which emphasizes how cooperation can further enrich the quality, the inclusiveness, and the digital and green dimension of Member State education systems[1].  This line of thought makes the development of a wide-reaching collaborative culture crucial to reconcile humanity with the planet by tackling complex global and societal challenges such as those described in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Green Deal.  As a member of our international community you will have opportunity to work together within broad societal challenges and mobilise to take action in a number of activities such as:

Research & Innovation

  • advise on research strategy.
  • propose challenges for research and innovation.
  • collaborate on research funding applications or publications. 

Teaching & Learning and Curriculum Design

  • help to produce transdisciplinary, challenge-based programme content for the Master’s in Global Challenge for Sustainability.
  • identify knowledge or expertise gaps through analysing a problem space or challenge from a transdisciplinary perspective.
  • provide advice on content creation and delivery from your disciplinary perspective.
  • engage in learning activities; for example as guest lecturers or through provision of resources e.g. case studies or readings, etc.
  • motivate and inspire students.
  • bring real-life challenges to students.
  • participate in the education of future employers.

Entrepreneurship & Service to Society

  • create more opportunities for bilateral cooperation through innovative programmes, both in CHARM-EU and in external organisations.   
  • promote entrepreneurship education and culture.
  • bring technical expertise.

Professional development activities

  • jointly develop workshops, forums and seminars.
  • develop actions to promote sustainable development solutions.
  • design creative training programmes.

Co-production of international outputs

  • co-creation of policy papers and reports. 
  • collaborate on research funding applications or publications.
  • participate in global summits, political fora and conferences.
  • participate in international network events, professional learning communities and inter-professional knowledge sharing activities.
  • participate in interviews, podcasts and other communication activities.

How to join the CHARM-EU KCTs?

We call on business and civil society organisations as well as other extra-academic actors to create solid synergies between university and society, building a sustainable and greener future for all. During registration you will be able to select the type of activities that are most suitable to you and your organisation’s interests. 

Once completed, your participation will be formalised through one of CHARM-EU partner universities (University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, Utrecht University, Eötvös Loránd University or University of Montpellier). To register, please click here.

[1] European Commission. Achieving a European Education Area by 2025 and resetting education and training for the digital age. Press release. 30 September 2020.