CHARM-EU Days 2024

Preliminary banner of the CHARM-EU Days 2024

Complementing our Annual Conference with the first ever CHARM-EU Cultural Festival, the CHARM-EU Days 2024 will focus on the broad concept of culture and intercultural learning, embracing the richness of diversity within European University Alliances and celebrating it as a source of strength and inspiration.

Europe's culture is diverse and rooted in its art, architecture, traditions, cuisines, music, folklore, embroidery, film, literature, economics, philosophy and religious customs. European higher education reflects this rich diversity with various types of institutions representing differing geographical, historical, cultural and lingual perspectives. Operating in an intercultural and boundary-spanning atmosphere since its establishment European University Alliances are in a unique position that comes with both challenges and opportunities for unleashing creativity and building synergies for a more sustainable and inclusive future. While recognizing and building on the diversity of culture represented within their own community, Alliances are also expected to reflect European values and identity and simultaneously harness connections with partners outside Europe.   

The Annual Conference provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and practice of intercultural learning and to examine the overarching issue of culture with its interpretations and role in deepening transnational and inter-institutional collaboration within and beyond Alliances. The Cultural Festival is aimed at showcasing CHARM-EU members’ languages and cultures and engaging visitors in activities that provide insight into CHARM-EU cultures in a playful way. You can find out more about these events below.

Poster of the Annual Conference

Poster of the Festival