Mission & Vision

CHARM-EU represents a Challenge-Driven, Accessible, Research-based and Mobile model for the co-creation of a European University aligned with the European Values and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


The CHARM-EU Vision

iconInnovative and flexible model 

CHARM-EU's vision is to have an innovative university model which embraces the change needed to meet society’s challenges, breaking down borders and linking local and global solutions. 


Challenge-driven university

iconCHARM-EU aims for a challenge-driven university, creating flexible, student-led educational programmes focused on identifying and solving specific challenges in close collaboration with the broader community. 


Reconciling Humanity with the Planet

world iconCHARM-EU aims to promote the common European values emphasizing the richness and diversity of the European tradition and focusing strategically on trying to rethink the role of the European universities in the world as it faces one of the main global challenges in the 21st century. 


THE CHARM-EU mission

The CHARM-EU (Challenge-driven, Accessible, Research-Based and Mobile European University) is an initiative formed by five research-based universities (University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, Utrecht University, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest and University of Montpellier) which was created to become a world example of good practice to increase the quality, international competitiveness and attractiveness of the European Higher Education landscape. 

iconThe diversity of educational systems and the differing geographical, regional, cultural, lingual, economic and historical perspectives/challenges of the five CHARM-EU members contribute to consolidating the university of the future revealing our common goals on the path towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

What will CHARM-EU do?

  • It will offer a learning experience that, having mobility and inclusivity as its core, is based on the implementation of a transformative approach to program and curricula design combining the best of the different European traditions in structuring curriculum though knowledge-creating teams, with a flexible, skill oriented modulization structure.
  • It will deliver an innovative, challenge-driven, student-centred, and self-directed teaching model that integrates research, teaching, innovation and enquire within and across the disciplines open to the world. This model envisages a European higher education campus utilizing the lasts modern technology in the service of accessibility and internationalisation.


Download the mission and vision statement signed by the five rectors of the CHARM-EU partner's universities here.