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Cover image with photos made during the Second TORCH Annual Forum

Sharing strategies and strengthening cooperation towards the future of R&I

Research News

On 8 March 2023, Trinity College Dublin hosted the 2nd TORCH Annual Forum focusing on common R&I policies and strategies. Bringing together representatives of diverse national and international actors within the European research and innovation landscape, the event provided an excellent opportunity to discuss challenges and progress regarding some of the key R&I areas.

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World Water Day

CHARM-EU joins the global awareness-raising on Water Day, 22 March 2023


More than ever, being conscious of people and the environment is crucial. On World Water Day, 22nd of March 2023, we raise awareness to be more conscious about local and global actions and impacts. Having water challenges deeply embedded into its core, the CHARM-EU Alliance is committed to raising awareness about the water and sanitation crisis worldwide and educating future generations. Leaders, step by step, create spaces and environments caring for the lives of today and the next generations as well as the communities most affected by global challenges.  

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