CHARM-EU Open Science Day

Poster with an image with an open padlock and someone typing in a computer. Text: CHARM-EU Open Science Day online workshop

The aim of this Open Science training is to share experiences among the CHARM-EU universities about changing the Open Science culture and practice of our institutions. The morning session will target the topic of what university and faculty leadership can achieve to mainstream Open Science. The afternoon session will give ready-to-use knowledge to researchers and staff members.

Event information

Date: 9 June, 2023

Time: 10.30– 15.00 (CEST) 

Format: online (Teams)

Organizer: ELTE and TCD

Expected attendees: university/faculty leadership, partners’ representatives at Open Science support offices, Pilot 4, Pilot 5, and Pilot 6 participants, researchers, educators and PhD students of partners, TORCH PMs


Based on the institutional Open Science Survey and Gap Analysis of the partners carried out in the frame of the Alliance’s R&I-focused TORCH projecta central method to make Open Science practices mainstream is by offering skills training for all areas of Open Science and tailoring it to groups of staff and students. This is also in compliance with the CHARM-EU Open Science Policy draft recognizing the need for information courses concerning all areas of Open Science. 

Therefore, the aim of this online workshop is to develop a training plan that can become an integrated part of university practices and to further develop the policy documents based on the feedback of participants. During the CHARM-EU Open Science Day, academics will share their experience in various fields connected to Open Science, especially next-generation metrics, transparency, FAIR data management, research integrity, and Citizen Science. The training session is targeting university leadership, researchers, and educators, as well as PhD students in order to contribute to the necessary cultural change. 

You can find the detailed programme and the registration link below. Please register until the 7th of June, 2023.

If you are interested in the action list TORCH has prepared to promote open science practices, read our interactive article here.