Intercultural Staff Training in Budapest open for CHARM-EU partners

Banner with a photo of Budapest and text: CHARM-EU mobility opportunities -  Intercultural Staff Training in Budapest for professional staff working with international students and staff
Mon, 02/26/2024 - 18:33

Applications are open for professional staff in CHARM-EU universities to take part in the Intercultural Staff Training week organized by Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest between 10 and 14 June 2024.

The programme aims to promote intercultural skills and competencies especially for those who engage in intercultural encounters in their everyday work. The research and experience-based program gives an insight into intercultural competencies while embedding them into a broader context of intercultural sensitivity, intercultural and intergroup relations.

Besides analysing the main factors of intercultural competencies and the underlying psychological mechanisms of encountering a different culture, the program places a special focus on identity, introduces the close connections between culture and human interaction, provides an introduction to intercultural learning as well as to the functioning of ethnocentrism, prejudices, and stereotypes. Furthermore, the program introduces possible strategies and means of developing an intercultural perspective and increasing the efficiency of intercultural communication. The training also builds on the intercultural experiences of those who work with international students and staff in higher education.

Those who participate in the whole training receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end. Participants will also receive a digital certificate about the obtained learning outcomes.

Application is open until 1 April 2024.

More information and application here.