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‘Inclusion by design - Mainstreaming inclusion and diversity’ joint workshop by CHARM-EU & EUTOPIA at the CHARM-EU Governance Forum on 24th March 2022

Governance Inclusivity

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CHARM-EU ( organized the CHARM-EU Governance Forum between 24-25 March 2022. The interactive session showcased milestone steps has been achieved since 2019 and how inclusiveness, step by step, is strategically mainstreamed into the culture, design, delivery and monitoring of all areas of the CHARM-EU Alliance. The session raised critically and sometimes delicate questions and challenges about the structural barriers of current governance structures within global higher education for the future. CHARM-EU WP6 Inclusiveness Leader Agnes Sarolta Fazekas invited colleagues from the EUTOPIA ( to exchange practices and share experiences from EUTOPIA to find solutions together to create a more inclusive and diverse European Higher Education Area.


The conference is also available on YouTube