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Programme Content Guidelines


Resource description

The CHARM-EU Programme Content Guidelines outlines the process for identifying and developing challenge-driven, research-based, accessible, mobile educational programmes. It ensures that educational content is reflective of inter-institutional research strengths, engagement activities, and educational offerings.

This document describes the:

• Process for identifying existing curriculum content and complementary thematic research areas where all partner universities have critical mass and are aligned to research themes on global challenges.
• Process for iterative data scanning and curriculum design to connect research strengths and educational priorities within a strategic design process at inter-institutional level.
• Guidelines to create a robust and tested mechanism to enable inter-university stakeholders to create a strategically maximised curriculum from a review of relevant institutional research and educational data.
• Selection of core modules within the pilot MSc in Global Challenges for Sustainability.

It enables the creation of a unique set of indicators that identifies points of coherence within the knowledge architecture of all inter-institutional partners. It serves as a resource for other higher education institutions seeking to develop similar inter-institutional educational programmes.

A summary of this document is available in CHARM-EU partner languages on the right hand side of this page.