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Masterclass CHARM-EU Assessment

Masterclass on a computer on a table

Resource description

This presentation was used by Lubberta de Jong and Sanne van Vugt in a Masterclass about Programmatic Assessment on 12 January 2021. The agenda of the masterclass contained the following topics: Recap KCTs Process and Timeline, CHARM-EU Educational Principles, CHARM-EU Assessment Principles, an innovative approach to assessment, The CHARM-EU Assessment Journey, Follow-up and Questions. Lubberta and Sanne explained how CHARM-EU Assessment is designed starting with the high-level vision and philosophy, translating these into a suitable assessment approach. Key elements of Programmatic Assessment are: no pass/fail decision after each assessment activity, focus on learning by providing feedback, mix of assessment methods and multiple assessors, focus on longitudinal development with a mentor, and a continuum of stakes. Evidence on this assessment approach was shared and the rationale and implications for practice were discussed.