Programme structure & Assessment

The 90 credits (ECTS) Master’s degree consists of seven modules in total divided between three consecutive phases. The modules consist of a combination of lectures, seminars and workshops. Additionally, these will also be paired with self-study work, assignment preparation and project work both individually and in teams.

Phase 1

A preparatory phase with three compulsory 10 credit (ECTS) modules (30 ECTS credits in total):

Phase 1 Description

Phase 2

A flexible phase with three 10 credit (ECTS) modules in one theme, selected from three thematic pathways (30 ECTS credits in total):


Description of the flexible phase two columns

Phase 3

A Capstone phase consisting of one 30 ECTS module. During this phase, students work collaboratively with their peers, academic staff, and extra- academic actors (e.g. business and society) on an authentic sustainability challenge which is based on the student’s original disciplinary field.

Check out each module description below:

Modules description
An innovative assessment method

A unique and holistic approach to assessment is an essential part of the CHARM-EU student learning experience. The Master’s will use a programmatic assessment method. In this innovative approach various assessment activities are utilised, with a profound focus on meaningful feedback. Some examples of assessments the master’s programme will include are tests, presentations, project work, research-based reports and team work.

These assessment activities aim to optimise learning, conducting a continuous and active follow-up with the students. With the support of student mentors, academic professionals and extra academic actors, students will be provided with a student assessment e-portfolio system to store feedback, observations and results of assignments. This e-portfolio creates an extraordinary opportunity for graduates to share some of their progress over the course with future employers.

An inclusive program

One of CHARM-EU's core values is inclusiveness. We strongly believe in the power of diversity. Learning and growing in a diverse environment leads to personal development and cultural enrichment.

CHARM-EU welcomes applications from all candidates who fulfil the master's specific requirements, regardless of their backgrounds, own lived experiences, and access needs.

During the application process, applicants will have the option to self-disclose whether they are a member of an underrepresented group in order to obtain the inclusion points in the assessment of their candidacy. This declaration is optional for the applicant. If the applicant check the box, the CHARM-EU inclusivity team will be in touch with the candidate. Any information you provide will be treated in utmost confidence.  

Disclosure is welcomed so that the appropriate supports can be put in place in the case of your successful admission to the programme. Being inclusive at its core, CHARM-EU is committed to providing the best learning experience and the appropriate structure and services that cater to students' access and participation.