Tuition fees

Tuition fees and other fees (irrespective of the chosen study track) will be the same for all students and will be paid to the University of Barcelona, the coordinator of the CHARM-EU project. The tuition fees for the complete programme are:

Fee per EU student: 3,000 €‎

Fee per non-EU student: 19,000 €‎

*Due to national legislation, students starting phase 1 at Utrecht University will have to pay an expected additional top-up of 530€ in academic year 2024/2025 and an additional fee for registration in year 2025/2026 (amount to be determined). 

*Applicants who were enrolled in a French higher education institution in 2023/2024 will be exempted from registration fees.

See more details in the Registration and enrolment rules and regulations (Section 2 “Tuition fees of the programme”).

Scholarships & other grants

We invite you to investigate different grants at the European, regional and national level, including the opportunities available in your institution. Below you will find a list of available grants and scolarships from different countries and institutions:  

Europe/ European Union



The Netherlands



CHARM-EU grants

One of CHARM-EU’s core values is inclusiveness. We strongly believe in the power of diversity. Learning and growing in a diverse environment leads to the personal development and cultural enrichment of all students. We understand that diversity can take many forms, and we are aware of the potential sensitivity of disclosing the nature of the circumstances.

Many structural barriers inequalities persist for students when accessing and participating in higher education. Financial support is strongly correlated with postsecondary completion, and it, even more, applies to underrepresented groups.  

    CHARM-EU Grant

    The grant aims to minimise barriers that hinder the access and participation of students who meet all the admission requirements and cannot access other grants and scholarships.  

    However, please bear in mind that in line with the capacity and resources of the CHARM-EU, the grant is limited to 5% of the total students enrolled in the edition of the Master. For that reason, we encourage you to check other grants and opportunities.

    There are two grant models: total (tuition fee waiver and phase mobility aid) or partial (tuition fee waiver or phase mobility aid).

    Once you have been admitted, you will receive information on applying for the CHARM-EU grant.

    A step-by-step application process for the CHARM-EU Grant

    We want to create an inclusive and human-centred approach according to the core values of CHARM-EU inclusiveness ethos. This application process enables us to understand better the individual’s life circumstances and eligibility for the grant.

    1. When considering applying for the CHARM-EU grant, we require you to make sure that you meet the criteria by self-assessing your eligibility circumstances beforehand. 

    2. Eligibility criteria are (non-exhaustive list):

    • low-income/ low socioeconomic background 
    • instability of income 
    • employment circumstances
    • loan 
    • geographical location 
    • civil/family circumstances 
    • health and other social needs 
    • with children/caring  
    • disability/mental health, chronical illnesses 
    • immigration status 
    • orphan status 
    • have been displaced within, or beyond, their home country due to conflict or violation of human rights, such as persecution, refugee, an asylum seeker, an individual with long residency in the EU but who is unable to access government support, a stateless individual, undocumented individuals 
    • any other hardship or experience of discrimination and emergency can be documented/justified to be eligible. 

    3. We require a short explanation for any applicant to be considered for the CHARM-EU Grant. We require a short letter, a minimum of half to 1 pager, where applicants explain why they need the CHARM-EU grant.

    4. The applicant will be requested to provide justification and relevant documentation in all cases. Please, share any supplementary documentation, i.e., nationally/regionally or locally authorised/official documents (if possible with English translation) or otherwise, that you consider relevant.

    5. Disclosure: we understand that diversity can take many forms. We are aware of the potential sensitivity of disclosing the nature of your decision to request grant consideration. We want to assure you that any information you provide to us on this matter will be treated with the utmost confidence. Any information collected or related communications will be stored and managed by the Diversity-equity-inclusion Office in compliance with GDPR and confidentiality agreements between the applicant and the CHARM-EU Diversity-equity-inclusion Office.

    6. Justification of circumstances: Additionally, to document provision, we require applicants to explain their circumstances to the CHARM-EU Diversity-equity-inclusion Office. Elaborating briefly on why you are eligible for grant, we offer you a short 5-10 minute call either via phone call, any video call or any equivalent tool that is accessible. CHARM-EU Diversity-equity-inclusion Office will contact you to schedule a meeting. 

    7. Questions, Queries: Please feel free to share with the CHARM-EU Diversity-equity-inclusion Office any questions, comments, or issues on your CHARM-EU application, admission process and grant request. You are welcome to contact us at If there are any technical issues with the email address, do not hesitate to email Diversity-equity-inclusion Office Team Leader Agnes Sarolta Fazekas at  

    The Programme Board will review all the applications and will consider the following aspects:

    • Academic achievement.
    • Personal background and circumstances, as demonstrated by various factors, including the educational experience.
    • As demonstrated by extracurricular activities, community service, work experience, interpersonal skills.