The TORCH Project objective is to build up CHARM-EU's Research & Innovation common agenda. The Project is framed within the Alliance's RRI Cross Cutting Principles and Transformation Modules, and encompasses the following specific goals: 

  • Developing a transformative agenda committed with 3 Cross Cutting Principles of RRI: Interdisciplinarity/Transdisciplinarity, Gender Innovation and Ethics and Integrity
  • Circulating and disseminating knowledge through Open science
  • Making science more responsive to society’s needs and demands through the design of a Common Science Agenda aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, and enhance transparency of scientific activities through the creation of Knowledge Creating Teams (KCTs).
  • Reinforcing the central role of universities in the creation/generation of knowledge and its role as promoters of trustworthy information and scientific truth through critical and evidence-based thinking. 
  • Promoting societal trust in universities through greater involvement of societal actors and citizens in the research and innovation process and through ensuring high standards of research integrity and scientific ethics. 
  • Promoting the economic growth based in the transformation of knowledge with and for society, keeping the social and environmental sustainability as constraints. 
  • Designing a durable and independent economic sustainability common strategy at a long term through the review of the existent financing instruments at regional, national and European level and through proposing recommendations to the different governance institutions.