Documents to be submitted

To apply, students will have to submit:

1. Bachelor’s award or recognised equivalent to a Bachelor’s diploma.

2. (*) Applicants with a French Licence: certificate with additional 30 ECTS for admission.

3. An academic transcript.

4. English Language certification: 

  • Certifications: C1 is the required level. Applicants with B2 level will be considered in conjunction with other admission criteria but must attain C1 level before programme registration. Download the English Accepted Certificates.
  • Responsible statement (model) indicating the circumstances of exemption in these cases:
    • Applicants with nationality in an English-speaking country.
    • Applicants coming from Education Systems of English-speaking countries.
    • Applicants with a previous university degree (Bachelor, Master or Doctorate) delivered in English.

*Applicant with previous residence of 5 years or more in an English-speaking country. (In this case, the English level will be assessed by video presentation and/or a personal interview, if required).

5. A Curriculum vitae.

6. An essay

Length: 500- 750 words.

Choose one of the 17 SDGs, explain why you have selected this one, and analyse in a critical way the agenda/milestones of your country, municipalities or business in that matter.

7. A video presentation answering three/four predetermined questions (Download the video instructions here).

If a student is not able to provide a video presentation for personal or medical reasons, they should address it to, for the Admissions Board to advise an alternative solution.


In the case where more detailed information is needed, an interview with the applicant will be requested.